Last year at Quiltzilla I learned a new technique to make half-square triangles (thanks deb m!). I bought a charm pack and started sewing. This year I actually cut them apart and have been ironing them open. Yes my ironing board is pink camp, and I have a mini iron 😀


Day 3!

What’s this you ask?

Well I will tell you! It is going to be a cowl. I saw the yarn at Butterfly Yarns this past Sunday and it spoke to me.  Now any of you that know me know that these aren’t my colors. AT ALL. But something said that I needed it. As I was sitting there it said, make a cowl… so I am.

ALWAYS listen to your creative influences, they will guide you.

Oh by the way, I don’t JUST crochet 😛



Day 1

Welcome to Creative 366!

This is a granny square that I am making for my January swap partner on Ravelry. It is made of cotton and tencel yarn. Very soft. It will be 12 inches square when it is done.

To learn how to make a granny square google “granny square pattern”. It is a standard pattern.